Coffee Roasting


Link to coffee roasting videoWhen selecting coffee's to order, you need to decide what kind of roast you prefer. Please feel free to read about and try the different types of roasting and settle for the ones you will truly enjoy. If the roasting you’ve chosen is darker than what we normally recommend, please do not change your mind.

Your experience in finding your own perfect combination will only increase the appreciation for the great variety of coffee we are offering!

Coffee Roast Coloring

  • LIGHT ROAST (Cinnamon Roast) 
    - Light brown to cinnamon color 
    - Beans are dry (no oil droplets present) 
    - Internal Bean Temperature - less than 400° F 
    - Roast stopped before first crack is completed 
    - Low body and light acidity

    Medium light (City Roast) 
    - The beans are mostly still dry 
    - The acidity continues to increase and the body becomes more potent 
    - Internal bean temperature - 415-435° 
    - First crack stage is finished 
    - Profile - 50% of the sugar is caramelized, acidity is developed and the varietal character of a bean can be clearly tasted

    MEDIUM ROAST (Vienna Roast)
    - Moderate dark brown color 
    - Beans have oil on them 
    - Internal bean temperature - 445-455° 
    - Second crack at or near completion 
    - Acidity muted. Cup quality is bittersweet with heavier body

    FRENCH ROAST or our DARK ROAST (the next stage to Vienna roast) 
    - Dark brown color 
    - Beans covered with oil 
    - Acids are radically decreased 
    - Internal bean temperature - 455-465° 
    - Subtle nuances are mostly gone. Body dominates.

  • DOUBLE FRENCH (Spanish Roast) 
    - Beans are nearly black and oil-covered 
    - Internal bean temperature - 465-480° 
    - the last stage nothing is darker

    - French roast or Italian roast with chicory added usually 20%.

    - Delta Café House Blend; a blend of Central American coffees roasted to different degrees of roast.

    - People favorite coffee. Traditional blend central and south American coffees.

    - Traditional Italian Espresso. This blend was developed cross-cupping green samples brought from Italy. 
    - Medium / balance, complexity, fruit.

    - Espresso Italian roasted dark.